Alzheimer's Support Network


Meet the Team:

                    Debbie FultonFamily Consult / Facility Liaison                                                                            Martiza Delgato:  In the Club Room 

                                Lynne Hooper:  at Elephant Fest                                                            Jeanne Saches: with Mom and Borther

              Marianne Troy: Family Consultant / Director of Family Services                        Clarke Pollard: Family Consultant / Executive Director


660 Tamiami Tr. N., Suite 21.  Naples Fl. 34102    (We are located on the Trial, next to The Clock Restaurant)
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Our mission is to serve Collier County families coping with Alzheimer's disease by providing guidance and support for patients,
their families and caregivers.


Marianne Troy
Debbie Fulton
Cathy Lusk
Jeanne Saches
Maritza Delgato
Lynne Hooper
Clarke Pollard

The Board of Directors

President: Chuck Pollard
Vice President: Mary Ann Portman, M.D. 
Secretary: Harriet Denny
Treasurer: Suky Pollard
Peter Barry
Martin Blied
Joe Clausen
Sandy Clausen 
Ron Garry, M.D.
Amy Garrard
Linda Ottenad
Marty Wasmer

                      Martiza                   Debbie                   Jeanne                   Marianne                   Lynne