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Nestlé Buys Stake in Accera (makers of Axona)

Nestle invests in U.S. medical food for Alzheimer's
  by Reuters, July 19th 2012

Nestle Health Science buys an undisclosed stake in Accera, the maker of Axona.  Axona is  a "medical food," currently prescribed to 30,000 mild to moderate Alzheimer's patients in the United States.   

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Words of Warning:  Anoxa called Worthless by Dr. Sam Gandy, chair of Alzheimer's disease research at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.  Click here for Article

Mayo Clinic's website published an statement by Glenn Smith, Ph.D. urging caution in regard to Axona.  Click here for "Expert Answer"


   Below is a Video by produced by Accera on Axona and how it is thought to work