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Provided by CREW Land and Water Trust

A Nature Walk for Early Stage Alzheimer's Patients (and their Caregivers)

Intended Audience: Early-stage Alzheimer's patients; ambulatory; physically capable of walking about one mile in about 90 minutes. .

Description of Walk: The Nature’s Peace at CREW walk will consist of a very slow stroll conducted by a trained CREW naturalist and two CREW assistants over a course that consists of hard-packed crushed shell/limestone (0.25 miles) and a boardwalk (0.30 mi).

The subject matter will include: observing natural surroundings including plants, flowers, trees, water features, birds, mammals, reptiles, and butterflies. In addition, the naturalist will provide stories connected to the surrounding natural environment and history of the area. Wherever possible, the tour guide will stimulate the senses of touch, sight, smell and hearing.

Each participant will be provided a memento of the day. The memento may be a natural artifact, a photograph, or other suitable remembrance. These walks are limited to six Alzheimer patients and their caregiver partners. Pre-registration is required. 

ocation: CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trail, 1295 Shady Hollow Blvd., Naples, FL . These trails are beautiful and primitive. Be aware that there are no buildings or facilities at the site, other than a port-o-potty 1/4 mile walk from the parking area.

FEE: This program is free as a result of the support of the Friends of CREW, but donations to the CREW Trust are greatly appreciated.

ALL Participants - the Alzheimer’s patient and their caregiver partner - MUST:

  • Arrive at Bird Rookery Swamp, 1295 Shady Hollow Blvd., Naples no later than 10:25 AM on the day of the walk.
  • Be prepared for walking/standing outdoors for 1½ hours: bring sunscreen, bug repellant, hat, comfortable walking shoes, water to drink, and any medications.
  • In addition, the caretaker partner must be capable of keeping the Alzheimer patient comfortable, calm and safe.

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Nature Walk from March 25th, 2013

 Part 1:  Down the Gravel Trail  (Nov 20th 2012)

Part 2:  To the Benches

Part 3:  Indian Tales with George Luther