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Dr. William Justiz - Role of a Neurologist in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's 
(Jan 7th, 2014)

Part 1:  The Diagnostic Process


Part 2:  The Diagnostic Process Continued

Part 3:  Questions:  End Stages. Alzheimer's vs other Dementia. Medications.

Part 4:  Questions:  Alzheimer's and Congestive heart failure, Vascular Dementia, Lewy bodies.
osing keys: should I worry?  Autism and dementia. AD and heredity.

 Part 5:  Questions:  AD and Parkinson, head injury. When to use behavioral medications? 
Does MCI always lead to AD?  What can we do to prevent AD?

Part 6: Questions: Other conditions.  Anxiety.  Supplements.  Chronic conditions that lead to AD.


Part 7:  Questions:  Balance,  Diabetes. Use of  radioactive PET Scan, Mini Mental Exam. Neuropathy.


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