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Exploring the File of File (Feb 23rd, 2012)










Locally, our chapter was established by Sheriff  Don Hunter in 1996 and consists of the Collier

County Sheriff's Office, Naples Police & Emergency Services, and the Marco Police Department.

Throughout the nation, Triad/S .A.L.T. consists of senior citizens, public safety professionals, supportive service providers, and citizens who are interested in improving the lives of seniors. By working together, we reduce victimization of older citizens, and enhance law enforcement and support services.



Each person completes a full FILE OF LIFE information packet - this sheet will accommodate

2 persons living in the same home.  Please NOTE-for identity theft safety USE ONLY THE LAST 4 DIGITS OF YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY# and MEDICARE # Please NOTE that the EDICATION SECTION should be completed in pencil and updated on a regular basis.  Place this completed form back into the red, plastic magnetic-backed file folder and attach to the FRONT of your refrigerator .

Place the completed smaller form into the wallet/purse sized packet & carry with you.  Place the FILE OF LIFE sticker on/or near your front door.


Alzheimer's Support Network              (239) 262-8388

AARP                                                  1-888-687-2277

American Cancer Society                      (239) 261-0337

American Foundation for the Blind     1-800-232-5463

American Red Cross                            (239) 596-6868

Area Agency on Aging                        1-800-398-4233

Arthritis Foundation                            1-800-7 41-4008

Better Business Bureau                        1-800-525-1447

Catholic Charities                                (239) 455-2655

Collier Cty Council on Aging              (239) 252-7787

Collier County Library                        (239) 262-4130

Collier County Library Mail a Book   (239) 261-8208 x15

David Lawrence Center                       (239) 455-8500

Dept. of Elder Affairs                          1-850-414-2000

Elder Help Line                                   (239) 332-3049

Florida Highway Patrol                       (239) 354-2377

Habitat for Humanity                           (239) 77 5-0036

Hospice of Naples                               (239) 261-4404


    NCH Naples Downtown                 (239) 436-5000

    North Naples                                   (239) 513-7000

  Physician Regional Hospital

    Pine Ridge Rd                                 (239) 348-4000

  Physician Regional Medical Center

    Collier Blvd                                     (239) 354-6000

Humane Society                                  (239) 643-1880

Jewish Family Services                       (239) 263-4205

Main Post Office                                 (239) 435-2146

Meals on Wheels                                 (239) 775-0443

Neighborhood Health Clinic               (239) 261-6600

Parkinson Association                         (239) 254-7791

Poison Control                                    1-800-222-1222

Police Departments

    Collier County Sheriff                    (239) 77 4-4434

    Marco Island                                   (239) 389-5050

    Naples                                             (239) 213-4844

Emergencies                                        911

Retired Senior Volunteer Program      (239) 252-7787

Senior Friendship Center                     (239) 263-7 425

Shelter for Abused Women                 (239) 775-1101

Social Security Office                         (239) 530-3364


    CAT                                                (239) 649-0228

    Public                                              (239) 596-7777

Veterans Administration                     1-800-827-1000

Digital Medical Alert Bracelets

Most people are now familiar with the concept of a Medical Alert Bracelet. First Responders (EMT, Fire, and Police) are well acquainted with them, and they are life savers. Typically Medical Alert Bracelets have been used to highlight drug allergies and life threatening conditions.

We now have available Digital Medical ID Bracelet.  These have a USB Port incorporated in them, or have a USB "Chip."  These bracelets come with software that allow you to enter not only drug allegories but complete a complete medical history.  The computer program that comes with the bracelet will prompt you to enter all of the information included in the File of Life plus much more.   


You may Click on the Bracelet below for purchase options

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