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             We will have these Hospital Wristbands at our office.  They will be available
                 free of charge for anyone with a loved one with dementia in a hospital setting.


Exciting news from Physicians Regional:

Physicians Regional Healthcare System is planning on implementing a new system to identify persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. 

The proposed system features a grey wristband labeled as: “non-decision maker.”  This would be given to all dementia patients at Physicians Regional hospitals to help identify their condition.  The need for this is clear.  A person with dementia cannot be relied upon to give accurate and complete information regarding their current condition and their medical history. 

Think of the important questions you are asked in the hospital:   What medications are you currently taking?  Do you have any drug allergies?  Have you had any surgeries? For a person with Alzheimer’s these questions can be impossible to answer correctly.  Providing clear, unmistakable identification of a person with Alzheimer’s allows the hospital staff to understand these questions must be asked of a family member or a caregiver.   In addition, it will allow the staff to modify their approach.  It will be understood that a person wearing a grey wristband will not be able to follow directions.  The hospital staff will easily identify these patients and be sensitive to their special needs.

Physicians Regional is also planning on placing a grey sheet with health care surrogate contact information and a grey sticker in the front of the chart of an Alzheimer’s patient to help the identification process. 

These proposed changes are due in large part to the spirited and determined efforts of Maria Schiller.  We at the Alzheimer’s Support Network thank Maria and Gina for this and applaud Physicians Regional for these proposed changes. 

If you would like to help ensure these proposals become a reality, please add your name to the Petition below.

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Ultimately, the idea of hospital wristbands must be supported and implemented by the hospitals themselves. Ideally the entire staff would be trained not only on the identification process but also how to treat a person with dementia. Until that day comes, we are not waiting.

We have placed our own order of Grey Wristbands which will be imprinted with:  "Memory Impaired" on the front and "Non-Decision Maker" on the back.

These wristband for use in Any Hospital will be available at our office by Mid November.

We will making these wristbands available free of charge.  If you would like to reserve yours now:  Please use the form below.

Order Your Free Grey WristBands

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Arden Courts has invited Author Gary Joseph LeBlanc to speak to our group on Nov 29th at 11:00 AM.  Instead of holding our regular Support Group Meeting, we will all be going to Arden Court (6125 Rattlesnake Hammock Road) for this great opportunity.

The Hospital Wristband concept is certainly not a new one for Mr. LeBlanc.  Indeed, he is a leading advocate for this idea.
Please click on his webpage to learn more about his: 
Wristband Project. 

Click below to hear Mr. LeBlanc speak about this hospital wristband concept on Dale Carter's Transition Aging Parents Talk Show:   Help Your Aging Parent w/ Alzheimers Navigate the Hospital


Dr. Allen Weis (President and CEO of NCH Health Care System)
 and Mark Milner talk about Grey Wristband Concept.

Dr. Michael Gloth from Nov 6th 2012: 
Dementia Sensitivity and Hospital Wristbands