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Added Oct 21:   A good night's sleep may protect against dementia  by Elizabeth Agnvall [AARP]
                                The value of video technology for caregivers by Gary Leblanc  [Hernando Today]

Added Sep 5:   Can Music stave off dementia?  by Elizabeth Landau [CNN]

Added Sep 3:   Risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center]

                               Artistist better protected against Alzheimer's  [CBC News]
                                Having your power of attorney papers on hand  by Gary LeBlanc [Hernando Today]

Added Aug 8:   When is memory loss Alzheimer's disease?  by Bill Beckwith [Naples Daily News]
                         Collier County Sheriff's Office: Beware of 'Pay or be Arrested' Scam  [Naples Daily News]

Added  Aug 6:
    MP3 Players help people with dementia  [CBC News]

                           Alzheimer's: No longer a disease just for seniors  by Gary Leblanc [Hernado Today]
                           University of San Diego's AD Info  - Aug 2013 Newsletter

Added  June 13:   Oscar the Cat.   by Bill Beckwith  [Life and Memory Center]  Click for Video of Oscar
                                How are Purple Angels Improving Hospital Stays for Dementia Patients  by Ann Napoletan []
Added June 10:  Treating Progressive Memory Loss - Promising New Directions  by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center]

Added June 2:
  Alzheimer's Patients Mimic Emotions of Those Around Them by Steven Reinberg  [HeathDay]

                               Blood Test to Diagnose Alzheimer's in Earliest Stage?  [Science News]

                               Florida Medicaid managed care plan to begin in August by Jim Saunders [Naples Daily News]

Added June 1:   Applying for Social Security disability insurance because of dementia  by Gary LeBlanc [Hernando Today]

 Added May 26:  A new Way to Care for Patients with Dementia   by Tom Ashbrook   [NPR's On Point]        

                             Related Article:  Giving Alzheimer's Patients Their Way  by Pam Belluck [New York Times]

Added May 9:  We Need More Practical Studies of Alzheimer's Disease  by Bill Beckwith [Naples Daily News]

                              Links to articles sited in Dr. Beckwith article:  (1) The effects of stimulation therapy  
                              (2)  Dementia and antipsychotic medicine: a new review (related article)
                              (3)  No increased risk for death with antipsychotics in Alzheimer's
                         Caregiver Contract  by David Cunter []           

                        Baxter's Alzheimer's disease drug fails in late-stage trial by Julie Steenhuysen [Reuters]                        

Added April 12:  Brain Games Are Bogus  by Gareth Cook  [The New Yorker] 

                           Dementia Related to Parkinson's Disease by Gary LeBlanc [Hernando Today]

Added Mar 12:  Proactiely Managing the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center]

                         Understanding Behavior for Alzheimer's Caregivers by Christine Kennard [Health Central]
                         Drug Targeting Blood Vessels may be Candidates for treating Alzhiemer's [Science Daily]    

                        Hiring Private Duty Home Care Workers: Why work through an Agency? by Rona Bartlestone []

Added Mar 4:  How Alzheimer's has changed my life  [The Globe and Mail]

Added Mar 2:  Connection between AD and Down Syndrome.  Good Mood boosts Brain Power. And More.   [University of San Diego]

                        The Antioxidant Myth by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center]

                        Scientists find way to image brain waste removal may lead to AD Diagnostic  [Science Daily]

Added Feb 11:   An Alzheimer's Epidemic could hit the US by 2050  by Janice Lloyd [USA Today]

                             Tax Breaks for Caregivers by Gary LeBlanc [Hernando Today]

Added Feb 2:  Remembering what not to forget by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center]
                           Using a gait belt by Gary LeBlanc [Hernado Today]

Added Feb 1:  University of San Diego Cooperatie Study Feb 2013
                        Loss of Appetite in Eldery: Causes and How to Cope by Sarah Stevenson  [A Place for Mom]

Added Jan 29:  Dammit Dolls by Nori St. Paul [Naples Daily News]

Added Jan 28:  How do I know When it is time for Placement in a Facility? by Bill Beckwith  [Life and Memory Center]

                            Placing loved ones in a nursing home  by Gary LeBlanc [Hernando Today]   

                            Alzheimer's Blood Test 'Most Accurate' so far by Ewen Callaway [Nautre]                         

Added Dec 10:  Assessing Pain for Patients with Dementia is Difficult for Caregivers  by Gary Leblanc [Hernando Today]

Added Dec 9:  
Caregiving for Dementia: Go with the Flow  by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center]

Added Dec 28:
  Tax Breaks for Alzheimer's?  by Susan B. Garland [MSN Money]

Added Dec 20:   Merck, GE team up for new Alzheimer's treatment by Barry S. Cohen [Stock Traders Daily / MSN.COM]

Added Dec 14:  8 Causes of Memory Loss that Aren't Alzheimer's by Paula Spencer Scott []

                         Surviving the Holidays As an Alzheimer’s Caregiver
  by Cat del Valle Castellanos []

Added Dec 6:
    Brain Pacemaker offers new hope to Alzheimer's Patients  [CBS News]

                              VA Benefits available to Caregivers by Gary LeBlanc  [Hernando Today]

Added  Nov 26:   Psychotropic Medications increase the Rik of Motor Vehicle Accidents by Bill Beckiwth [Life and Memory Center]

Added  Nov 22:  Things to keep in mind to survive the holidays by Gary LeBlanc [Hernando Today]

Added Nov 19:    Board of Directors' Meeting: Incontinence by Gary Barg [Today's Caregiver]

                                 Does Detection Outpace Treatment Options for Alzheimer's disease?  by Bill Beckwith [LIfe and Memory Center]

Added Nov 18:   Oucast Among Peers Gains Traction on Alzheimer's Cure  by Jenanne Whalen  [Wall Street Journal]

Added Nov 16:  Best Friends Approach Newsletter

                               Consider a Family Caregiever Agreement  by Gary LeBlanc [Common Sense Caregiving / Hernando Today]

                                New Gene Triples Risk for Alzheimer's Disease Marilynn Marchione  [Associated Press /  Washington Post]

Added Oct 30:  Parenting your parent by Bill Beckwith  [Naples Daily News]

Added Oct 27:   
The Cost of Living Longer  by Kelly Greene  [Wall Street Journal]

                                 This is an overview of various factors one needs to consider when choosing a long term care option, including: price, financial 
                                 planning, levels of care, and alternatives.

Added Oct 25:    Settlement Eases Rules for Some Medicare Patients  by Robert Pear  [New York Times]

                                 Old Rule:  Medicare pays for Skilled Nursing and Therapy only as long as the patient shows improvement. 
                                 This settlement creates New Rule:  Medicare will pay for Skilled Nursing and Therapy if it helps maintain the 
                                 patient's condition or prevents further decline.

Added Oct 20:
France Seeks New Ways to Manage Alzheimer's Care   by Shirley Wang [Wall Street Journal]

                               Convincing a Loved One to Go to a Nursing Home  by Marie Marley  [Today's Caregiver]

                             Fall Time can Worsten the Effects of Sundowning  by Gary Joseph LeBlanc [Common Sense Caregiving]                             

Added Oct 10:  Assisted living: A turning point for Alzheimer's family by Janice Llyod [USA Today]

                        Memory Training Improves Outcome after Heart Surgery by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center]

                        Roche, Lilly drugs set for Alzheimer's prevention trial  by Ransdell Pierson [Reuters]
                             Clinical and Biomarker Changes in Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer's Disease  [New England Journal of Medicine]
Added Oct 9:  10 Things Assisted-Living Homes Won't Tell You  by Jim Rendon [Smart Money]

Added Oct 8:  Coping with Depression by Janet Crozier [Today's Caregiver]
                           When Drug Trials go Wrong, Patient have Little Recourse by Sarah Rubenstein [Wall Street Journal]

Added Oct 7:  Overnight dementia 'camp' allows caregivers rest  by Jim Fitzgerald [Associated Press]

Added Oct 6: 
Hospital Acquired Delirium Increases the Rate of Cognitive Decline  by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center]

Added Oct 4: To combat Alzheimer's, Scientist Genetically Reprogram 1 Kind of Brain Cell into Another [Scientific American]

Added Oct 3
:  Some Blood Pressure Drugs Might Help Slow Alzheimer's  [HealthDay News]
                          Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial, Memory and Cognition in Decreased Hypertension  [ADEAR  NIH.Gov]
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   by Kelly Greene  [Wall Street Journal]                                  This is an overview of various factors one needs to consider when choosing a long term care option, including: price, financial                                   planning, levels of care, and alternatives.   by Bill Beckwith [Life and Memory Center] 

Added Sep 30:  World Alzheimer's Report 2012: Overcoming the Stigma of Dementia

Added Sep 29:  Study: Laughter good Medicine for dementia patients  [Reuters]    Video Link

                         Forcing a Smile Genuinely Decreases Stress by Lindsay Abrams [The Atlantic]

Added Sep 24:  How can I be Assessed to See if I have Alzheimer's Disease? by Bill Beckwith []

                        What's the Difference between Skilled Nursing and a Nursing Home?  by Marlo Sollitto []

                        The Difference between Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilites  [] 

                        A Little-Known Benefit for Aging Veterans  by Susan Seliger  [New York Times]

Added Sep 20:  Park Royal Hospital OK'd to accept mental health patients  by Liz Freeman  [Naples Daily News]

Added Sep 19:  Mayo Clinic Researchers Identify New Enzyme to Fight Alzheimer's Disease  [Mayo Clinic]

Added Sep 18:   UTI's: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention (Playing Detective)  by Jennifer Bradley [Today's Caregiver]

                           Coping with Stress and Anxiety  [Today's Caregiver]

Added Sep 17:  How to approach someone with Alzheimer's  by Gary Leblanc  [Hernando Today]

                          Coping with Mild Cognitive Impairment  by Judith Graham  [New York Times]

Added Sep 12:  Alzheimer's Disease: It's not all in the Genes by Bill Beckwith PhD

                        Gene Linking Catarcts and Alzheimer's Disease Idenftified  [Science Daily]

                        Tricks From the Elderly to Stop Worrying by Shirley Wang [The Wall Street Journal]

                        Ginkgo Biloba Doesn't Protect from ALzheimer's by Salynn Bolyes [WebMD Health News]
Added Sep 11: Korean War Vets meet again in Nursing Home by Steve Hartman [CBS News]

Added Sep 8:  What Should I do if I am Risk for ALzheimer's Disease, Part 4  by Bill Beckwith PhD
                      What Should I do if I am Risk for ALzheimer's Disease, Part 3  by Bill Beckwith PhD

Added Sep 6:  What is a Silver Alert? by Tim Aten  [Naples Daily News]       
                          Marco Island Police arrest Prescriptions 4 Hope president   [WINK News]

Added Sep 1:  
Residential mental health facility to close in Fort Myers  by WINK News

                                 What to look for in a Nursing Home  by Senior Living Alternatives [Today's Caregiver]

Added  August 31:   Doctors could face prison over drug prescriptions  by Margot O'Neill  [Lateline]

Added August 30:   Ten Tips for Communicating with an Alzheimer's Patient by Carole Larkin  [Alzheimer's Reading Room]

                                    Alzheimer's: Tips for Effective Communication  by Mayo Clinic Staff

                                    Common Communication Problems and Possible Solutions  by Alzheimer's Support Network

Added August 29:   Art for Alzheimer's  by Jennifer Bradley  [Today's Caregiver]

                                          The arts are a way to bridge the gap between a loved ones personality
                              and their life experiences with their present day life

                             The False Alzheimer's Diagnosis  by Melinda Beck  [Wall Street Journal]                               

                             It’s not always Alzheimers.  There are many conditions that can mimic Alzheimers disease.

Added August 26:   When and How To Say "No" to Caregiving  by Deborah Colgan [Today's Caregiver]

Added August 21:   Dental health linked to dementia risk  by Natasja Sheriff   [Reuters]

Added August 19:  NCH to collaborate with Mayo Clinic for patient care   by Liz Freeman  [Naples Daily News]

                           New Lee hospital seeking state approval to handle Baker Act patients by Liz Freeman  [Naples Daily News]

Added August 18:  Grappling With The Uncertainty of Alzheimer's Testing by Michelle Andrews  [NPR]

Added August 14:  How stress and depression can shrink the brain  by Bill Hathaway  [Yale Univeristy]
                                   What Should I do if I am Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease: Part II  by Bill Beckwith PhD

Added August 10:  Saving Face: Preserving the “Person” in Alzheimer’s Disease  by Ellen Woodward Potts []

                                    Alert Systems 101  [Today's Caregiver]


Added August 8:    Fear of Falling Preventing Falls and Fear  by  Sharon Roth Maguire  [Today's Caregiver]

                           What Should I do if I am Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease: Part I   by Bill Beckwith [Naples Daily News]

                           Drug Makers Push On With Alzheimer's Research After Setback   by Peter Loftus [Wall Street Journal]

Added August 5:  Respite care needed to avoid caregiver burnout  by Carol Bradley Bursack [Inforum]
                                The FDA Role  by Mira Lowe [Today's Caregiver]

                                Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study August Newsletter  [University of California San Diego]

                                An Alzheimer's Love Story by Marie Marley [Huffington Post]

Added  August 3:    An Incredible Journey  by Jay Schlichter  [Collier Citizen]

Added August 2:  Risk of Development of Alzheimer's Disease in Diabetics by Bill Beckwith [Naples Daily News]

                            Nursing home Evictions Limited  by Jill Burzynski  [Naples Daily News]

Added August 1:   An Incredible Journey  by Jay Schlichter [The Banner]

                                     An article published locally about Steve Edmonston's Unforgettable Ride and the Support Network.

Added July 31:
   Senior communities thrive with new one in Bonita, expansion at Moorings Park by Liz Freeman [Naples News]

Added July 30:  Husband with Alzheimer’s refuses to see a specialist  by Carol Bradley Bursack
                           What do you do when your spouse refuses to admit they have have a problem, and refuses to go to the doctor?
                           Carol's answer mirrors what we tell families at the Support Network
                            Setting Limits to Caregiving  by Roberta Satow  [Today's Caregiver]

                            Farmer's Markets outfited to accept Food Stamps  by DCF

Added July 29:    Prescribing of antipsychotic drugs for dementia patients shows sharp decline  [NHS Information Centre]

July 28:   Not Another Sleepless Night  by Jennifer Buckley  [Today's Caregiver]
Exposure to Light Could Help Alzheimer’s Patients Sleep Better  [Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute]

July 25:  Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's) and the Eldery  (Playing Detective) by Jennifer Bradley [Today's Caregiver]

Assisted Living Communities Checklist  [Today's Caregiver]

Arts-based education program for people with dementia  [Alzheimer's Disease International]

Study reveals timeline for developing familial Alzheimer's disease
  by Bill Beckwith [Naples Daily News: July 24th 2012]

Alzheimer's predictor tested in blood  by CBC News (July 18, 2012)

This is a  9 year study of 99 women aged 70 to 79 and free of dementia.  Their blood was tested for levels of serum ceramides, a fatty compound found throughout the body that is associated with inflammation and cell death.  The Women who had the highest levels of the biomarker were 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than women with the lowest levels. 

Nestle invests in U.S. medical food for Alzheimer's  by Reuters  (July 19, 2012)

Nestle Health Science buys an undisclosed stake in Accera, the maker of Axona.  Axona is  a "medical food," currently prescribed to 30,000 mild to moderate Alzheimer's patients in the United States.    For more on Axona:  Click Here

Gammagard aids all 16 in Alzheimer's trial by Michelle Fay Cortez  [Bloomberg News]

Delirium Increases the Risk of Cognitive Decline  by Bill Beckwith [Naples Daily News]

Sensory Stimulation Groups  by Cheryl Ellis [Today's Caregiver]

Gene Mutation defends against Alzheimer's diseaseby Ewen Callaway    [Source: Nature]

 Gene that fights ALzheimer's may inspire new treatments  by Sharon Begley   [Source: Reuters]

A study of nearly 400,000 Scandinavian showed those with a specific genetic mutation were 5 times more likely to reach 85 years old without developing Alzheimer’s. What is the mutation? It is a single amino-acid alteration of the Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP). It is extremely rare. With this alteration, the production of Amyloid beta is halted causing plaque formation to be prevented and allowing the survival of neurons.

The study points towards two profound conclusions: (1) Amyloid plaques do indeed play a critical role in the development of Alzheimer’s, and (2) a cure could be in synthesizing the action of the genes that appears to prevent the formation of these plaques.   

Results from key Alzheimer's studies could decide future of treatment  [source: CBS News]

Drugs being tested are not "drugs," but proteins (antibodies). These immune system proteins are being used to clear amyloid from the brain, thus preventing the build up of plaques.

Bapineuzumab and Solanezumab are synthetic. Gammagard is made from blood plasma. All are administered intravenous. The results of the studies will be released next week.

Alzheimer researcher, now a patient, still fights disease  by Erin Allday [source: The Seattle Times]

Rae Lyn Burke, one of the prime researcher of Bapineuzumab (article above) combats Alzheimer’s herself.  See Video Story below:

Why Do People With Alzheimer’s Wander?   by Frena Gray-Davidson

New U.S. rules for collecting from uninsured patients don't concern region's hospitals  by Liz Freeman  [source: Naples Daily News]
Highlights: Proposed New Rules: 240 day (8 Month) period before unpaid bills could be turned over to a collection agency. Patients would have this time to apply for financial assistance. Before discharge, hospitals must provide an easy to read summary of financial assistance policies.

Locally, NCH promises that no collection agency is allowed in their hospitals. NCH offers 40% discount to patients paying privately.

 Saving the Libraries Lost to Alzheimer’s Disease by Ellen Woodward Potts and Daniel C. Potts

Highlights: Through University of Alabama Honors College and 
Bringing Art to Life Program college students engage with Alzheimer’s patients using Art and Reminisce Therapy. Giving the AD patients a chance to tell their stories, often prompted by objects from the past has shown glowing results for the patients and greater understanding and awareness for the students.

Treating Depression: Is there a placebo effect?  by CBS News / 60 Minutes

Highlights: Associate Director of the Placebo Studies Program at Harvard Medical School, Irving Kirsh, doesn’t dispute that anti-depressants work. But he proposes the expectation of healing is the primary curative agent rather than the chemical compounds. This story questions if drug studies showing no positive results are not published.  For a transcript of this video report:  click here.
 Home Health Care Benefits by Burzynski Elder Law

 Senior Fraud by Jennifer Bradley

Clinical trials can be a good thing  by Bill Beckwith PhD