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June 12th 2012:  TEEPA SNOW: 
Making Visits Count

  Teepa covered how to deal with Difficult Behaviors and How to make facility visits count.

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                                                        JUNE 12, 2012:  Making Visits Count

Part 1:  Breathe

Part 2:  Senses:  Sight, Hearing, Touch, and Smell

  Part 3:  Taste and Pills

 Part 4:  It Starts with You

Part 5:  Movement, Rhythm of Speech, What to Say?

Part 6:  The Promise, Take Me Home, Things go Missing

For Teepa's Power Point Presentations from  June 12, 2012 
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Part 7


Part 8


Part 9

Part 10

Part 11


Part 12


Additional Powerpoint Presentations shown by Teepa at June 12 Meeting:

Name this Creature        Cars     Music: Singing the Old Songs


Part 13


Part 14


Part 15

From all of us at the Alzheimer's Support Network: 
Thank you to Barrington Terrace:  Mary and Eve.

And THANK YOU TEEPA for giving us such a special day

NOTICE:   DVDs of this talk are currently not available to damage to the original material.   We are working on correcting this problem.